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Financial bedrock $3,000

You’ve reached a point where you’re determined to manage your finances effectively, but you might be uncertain about the initial steps. A certified financial planner from She Evolves can assist you in establishing a solid financial footing, which is the key to long-term financial security and stability.

Once they’ve gained insights into your financial situation, your planner will guide you through the essential steps to build this foundation. These steps could encompass budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and retirement planning. With a year of email support, you’ll have the opportunity to seek answers to your questions as they arise, enabling you to embark on the path towards the life you desire.

This package is ideal for individuals seeking assistance with managing expenses, saving, addressing debt, and/or planning for retirement.

  • You’ll provide us with information about yourself and your financial situation in advance.
  • You’ll have the opportunity for two 60-minute phone conversations with the same She Evolves professional — the first to familiarize themselves with you and the second to guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Following each call, you will receive a post-meeting email containing customized resources and guidance on the next actions to take.
  • A customized budgeting strategy, debt reduction strategy, and/or retirement plan (as relevant).
  • A full year of unrestricted email assistance.

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